Saturday, October 9, 2010

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Olivia Palermo reveals her style rules to Grazia!

Imagine our delight at finally colliding with New York style goddess Olivia Palermo at this afternoon’s Unique show (she was wearing Topshop’s Ultimate Jewelled trophy jacket and some black beaded silk shorts, since you ask). And then imagine how we felt when she told us ‘Oh, I know your magazine! I love Grazia!’ Today was a good day, people.

Olivia was very sweet and polite and friendly, and super-excited about seeing the Unique show. ‘I am the world’s biggest Topshop fan! Seriously, for the last few months I have worn Topshop every single day..’

So, given a few snatched minutes with our fashion icon du jour before the show started, what did Grazia ask her? Only her frickin’ Style Rules! Listen and learn, ladies..

Olivia's Style Rules

1. In every outfit, I always try and incorporate a single trend, but in a subtle way.

2. I would describe my style as modern, but classic.

3. I always like to wear one very structured piece, like a great jacket or a skirt.

4. For next season I like the look of all the embellished clothes, and those copper-toned metallics, although not everyone can pull that off…

5. You don’t always have to stay high end – I like mixing and matching.

6. My favourite item of clothing right now is a Topshop white cardigan with a pale blue pinstripe; it’s so easy to wear.

7. My favourite accessory is my Chloe ‘Gemma’ bag, which I bought in London in July. I have it in army green. That’s such a great colour because it works for summer or winter.

8. My favourite jewellery? I like chunky! I like to wear one big statement piece, a ring, a bracelet or a necklace. But I mostly like big rings [she flashes an enormous gold cocktail ring – Olivia has just started working as Contributing Accessories Editor at an American magazine].

9. I like to wear a heel, I just got some chunky black platforms that you’ll see in the Unique show..

10. One great piece can take you through an entire season. Like, recently, I bought these Sergio Rossi silver brogues [Grazia squeals involuntarily at the mention of our Best Olivia Palermo Fashion Moment Ever]. Ha ha, you liked those? I love those shoes, I bought them in Berlin, they’re absolutely my favourite thing right now!

And with that our new BFF was whisked away to the Front Row, leaving Grazia utterly smitten…

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